Edge and the 'giant' Bono!

Show: 2015-05-15 - Vancouver
Set de fotos:U2 in Vancouver by Dave Bellringer
Descrição: Wow! The really incredible thing for this set is the huge rectangular video screen, which runs perpendicular from the main stage, above a catwalk. It is a two-sided screen, so that people on either side of the arena can enjoy the images. AND… it is also partially translucent and hollow, which means that the band members can walk right down the center of it and interact with the video images. At some points, Bono's image shows on the big video screen -- and it appeared as if the real-life Edge walks to him & stands right in his palm ! Visually incredible, especially when combined with their great music of course!
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U2 Época: Innocence and Experience (2014-2015)
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