2001-10-13 - Hamilton, Ontario - Copps Coliseum


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músicas por álbum

  1. All That You Can't Leave Behind (6)
  2. The Joshua Tree (4)
  3. Achtung Baby (2)
  4. War (2)
  5. Other songs (2)
  6. The Unforgettable Fire (2)
  7. Boy (1)
  8. Rattle and Hum (1)
  9. Pop (1)

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revisão por mattfromcanada

6 meses atrás


From what I recall it was a very emotional show. For the Band, they had the emotional charge from the 9/11 Attacks that were barely a month old. Any U2 fan knows they hold New York in a special place in their hearts. Bono was very engaged with the audience, interacting on his usual songs (UTEOTW stands out, reaching out to outstretched hands). Great moment for Arun during People Get Ready, from what I understand he got nervous but the band was great with him. As a city that gave Daniel Lanois to the world, that was a very special moment; Bono snippeted ‘The Stranger’ during ‘Bad’. Also, I may be off on this, but I believe this was the first concert where the band ran the names of the 9/11 Victims. I don’t think there was a person who witnessed it that wasn’t moved.


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Gravação: "Elevated in Steeltown" - 4 estrelas


This was my first GA experience, and from my perspective the crowd was very controlled, understanding, and engaged. Being on the GA meant that nearly everyone was an above average U2 fan, and as such sang along with all the songs, knew why Daniel Lanois got a shout-out, and at the time knew they were experiencing a very unique U2 show.


As this was my first GA experience, I took the day off with my brother and stood in line in the early October weather. It wasn’t that cold out, but as we were in one spot for much of the day a chill could catch you. Fortunately, that was made up for by the wonderful experience that is a U2 GA line. I’ve had 6 GA shows and have only ever been disappointed in one of them. My brother and I have always loved U2, and somehow during our teenage years (late 90’s) ‘Out Of Control’ became our signature driving song. When we got in, the Heart was full so we parked ourselves just to the right of the tip of the Heart. So when they finished New Year’s Day and Out Of Control started thumping….well if you’ve experienced it, you know. To top it off, Bono pulled a fan on-stage old school (way to go Arun!), we got Angel Of Harlem, and my personal favourite, Bad. Hear Bad live that close on a GA experience is probably in my top 5 U2 moments. Again, if you’ve experienced it. A surprise cover of ‘What’s Going On’ followed in the encore which U2 just somehow made their own, and we were treated to the ‘Shine Like Stars’ tag on WOWY. Again, the GA crowd knew what a treat that was. I don’t know if U2 will ever come back to Hamilton, I don’t know if they know. This was to date, the only show ever in Hamilton. There were 18,000 luck fans who get to say they were there, and I'm proud to have been one of them.

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"Elevated in Steeltown"

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