2017-05-20 - Pasadena, California - Rose Bowl


Banda de abertura: The Lumineers
Comentários: Bono dedicates the show to Guus Van Hove and Helena Nuellett, who died in August 2011 while searching for the location of the photograph on the cover of The Joshua Tree. Running to Stand Still is dedicated to Chris Cornell and his whole family, in the wake of his tragic death; the preshow music featured Soundgarden's Black Hole Sun immediately before the song to which U2 take the stage, The Pogues' A Rainy Night in Soho. The Little Things That Give You Away was on the printed setlist after Bad as the last song but the band decided to play I Will Follow instead.
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músicas por álbum

  1. The Joshua Tree (11)
  2. The Unforgettable Fire (3)
  3. War (2)
  4. All That You Can't Leave Behind (2)
  5. Achtung Baby (2)
  6. Passengers (1)
  7. Boy (1)

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revisão por ahn1991

1 dia atrás


The band is in absolutely top form. Tons of energy, stellar performances of every song.


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I had seats for this show and was somewhat surprised to see most of my section actually sit down during some of the Joshua Tree album set. The people closest to me were incredibly high energy, but it was surprising to see people seated.


This was the first of two shows at the Rose Bowl, and the first two night stay of the tour. There was a lot of anticipation regarding how the band would open their stay here and I think they did a stellar job. As mentioned earlier, I had seats for this show, so getting inside was a relaxed affair.

In general, the show is split into three distinct segments. There is the opening segment, the Joshua Tree segment, and the final encores. The opening segment features high energy songs performed on the B Stage without the screen. I appreciate the simplicity of this portion as it highlights the songs and performances. The highlight of this segment is definitely A Sort Of Homecoming. I loved the performance and the band clearly enjoyed performing it. The Joshua Tree segment opens with Where The Streets Have No Name and the beautiful screen coming to life. The long buildup between Pride and Streets helps to increase the anticipation for the remaining Joshua Tree songs. This set serves as the crown jewel of the concert and you can tell that the band has spent a lot of time making sure each performance is something special. While every song is in itself a masterpiece, the highlight performance for me is definitely One Tree Hill. This is a song I've enjoyed listening to for a long time and I was thrilled to finally get to hear it live. The final portion of the concert is somewhat a mixed back for me. This tour's vision of Beautiful Day feels somewhat lost and to me it is the lowlight of the show. On the other hand, Elevation is the high energy hit that I've been wanting. Ultra Violet is dedicated to women's history and I feel that dedication adds weight and power to this song. Finally, Bad serves as the highlight of this final segment. In addition to this being my first time seeing Bad performed live, the performance itself is amazing.

My overall assessment of the show is if U2 decided to set out to highlight The Joshua Tree album, they've succeeded in spades. The band displayed a lot of energy and enthusiasm in their performances. The creative team deserves a lot of credit for their implementation of the video screen throughout the show. Many songs feature some sort of short film that accompanies the song and enhances the atmosphere of the performance. While Bono himself doesn't bring in much political speech during the show, the videos serve to convey strong political messages. I would say this show is the most political show U2 has ever done, perfectly in line with the tone of the previous Joshua Tree Tour.

While the show is shorter than what we've come to expect from U2 and the pace is definitely much quicker because Bono speaks a lot less between songs, I believe this is one of U2's best outings I've seen.

Highlights: Joshua Tree set, A Sort of Homecoming, Ultra Violet, Bad

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  1. Exit
  2. Bono and Adam
  3. Adam

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  1. Sunday Bloody Sunday
  2. Where The Streets Have No Name
  3. Larry