1979-10-05 - Cork, Ireland - Cork Opera House


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6 meses atrás


By the time this show happened, the band had been together for just 3 years. They were super young, 18-19 years old, and that comes across in this recording. Energetic performance and super fast tempo in most of the songs! Fun to listen. Also you can see Bono's audience engaging skills starting to develop, which some years later would take him to rival Freddie Mercury as the most brilliant frontman in the world.


It's a 1979 recording, first of all. It comes from a broadcast which was probably recorded into a cassette tape that was subsequently recorded into a vinyl and then re-encoded many years later. The result is a wobbly recording with distant and mostly drowned sound, but you can make out some lyrics, the guitar, the bass, the basic drum sound. It's listenable and due to the age of the recording and its historic importance, it's more than ok!
Gravação: "Glad To See You" - 3 estrelas


Very passionate, rare for a TV audience.


One of the first recordings that exist from the band in its earliest stages. Just for that, this concert should be listened and adored by everyone! Features early versions of great songs like Stories For Boys with a different ending, Out Of Control and a particular Another Time, Another Place which sounds as if it had just been born, and it's very different from the Boy version. The sound might take off a bit of the fun but it's understandable seeing the age of the recording. Other than that, this is a gem! Enjoy!!

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"Glad To See You"

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