1983-05-05 - Boston, Massachusetts - The Orpheum Theater


Comentários: Last performance of Tomorrow ever.
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  1. War (6)
  2. October (5)
  3. Boy (5)
  4. B-sides and singles (2)
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New Hampshire
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revisão por Remy

6 anos atrás


(Although they aren’t listed on the setlist, the bootleg also includes 11 O’Clock Tick Tock and I Will Follow, both certainly from the same show).

I have this labeled in its folder as the “Indoor, Incomplete Red Rocks.” A month before the legendary show, the band channels all of the energy and passion they would later showcase on that rainy outdoor stage here now in what I imagined to be a very cramped night at the Orpheum in Boston. Brilliant energy, barelling performances, enhanced and driven by all four members of the band, but Edge in particular. If you’re looking for a bootleg dominated by him and his sounds, this is it. His guitar is up front and loud on every song, but it comes across particularly strong on 11 O’Clock Tick Tock and Electric Co. I would have loved to have heard War staples like Surrender and New Year’s Day with that dominating guitar sound. The shorter setlist itself is the only thing this bootleg is lacking, in any category. Everything here was virtually packed up as it was and replicated (save for the rain and the extended setlist) exactly one month later.


The radio broadcast obviously contributes to and enhances everything about this bootleg, but it also really makes this an “Edge” bootleg. His guitar is much more prominent here than on other radio broadcasts – it doesn’t have that echo-y stadium sound, like on the Popmart Leeds or 360 Sheffield boots, but rather just a pure, clear sound. I haven’t listened to 11 O’Clock Tick Tock the same way again.


Fantastic, with or without the sound quality. You’ll have to turn down your volume after Out of Control gets started.


11 O’Clock Tick Tock
The Electric Co.

Just the shorter setlist.

The show the following night in Boston had the more complete setlist, and the bootleg for it has almost as good as sound as this one, but the combo of the phemonenal performance and sound quality of this one far outshines it. And if you don’t have the Red Rocks audio and can’t get it anywhere, this is the next best thing (well, with a half-setlist). Get it now!

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