1987-07-15 - Madrid, Spain - Estadio Santiago Bernabeu


Comentários: Although U2 had extensively toured Europe in the past, this was their first Spanish gig. It appropriately featured the first ever performance of Spanish Eyes.
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músicas por álbum

  1. The Joshua Tree (7)
  2. The Unforgettable Fire (4)
  3. War (3)
  4. Boy (2)
  5. B-sides and singles (2)
  6. Other songs (1)
  7. October (1)

melhores performances da música

  1. Spanish Eyes (5 votos)

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revisão por LikeASong

9 anos atrás


The band is on the greatest mood I ever seen. Not Zooropa Tour, nor War Tour, nor Lovetown, nor Vertigo... Joshua-Madrid is the perfect example of HOW can be a U2 concert. The band knew that it was their 1st concert on Spain, and they responsed greatly. They were on a great mood, and they seemed to be having fun on the stage.


Not the best show I ever listened, of course. Although, the sound is OK for a 20 years old not-scheduled-and-even-amateur recording. It lacks some clarity on the high end, and a bit of Adam and Larry is sometimes lost. Anyway, the sound is just OK in my opinion. You are able to stand 2 hours of this stuff...
Gravação: "Bandera Blanca" - 3 estrelas


Attendance was 125,000 people. Awesome. Biggest show until 1997. There were only 95.000 scheduled tickets to sale, but a ***** promoter sold 30.000 more. That could have been a massacre with all that people, but it was eventually fine. And how fine was it... Biggest concert so far in Spain, and 2nd biggest on U2's history...


When the Where The Streets Have No Name organ sounded over the 125k people on the stadium and lights went up, Bono appeared with a soccer balloon and shot it over the crowd. The first point of the night was amazing. After that, (just at the end of I Will Follow - which was awesome too) Bono gave some gifts to the mad spanish crowd. "Este es un lugar GREANDE, pero U2 y vosotros somos MUCHO MAAS grandes!!" ("This is a huge place, but U2 and you, we are MUCH bigger!!" ***Crowd went nuts***...

I'm not commenting every single detail, because it'd be so long. The whole show was spreaded with pearls. The Edge was also joking with some audience members, and Larry went off twice of the drumming-kit to wave and salute the audience (this anecqdothes are obviously not in the recording, but my parent was there and he knows it). Great.

The Electric Co was another great point. Bono climbed up to the stage once again (for the last time) and there (over 30 meters up the crowd) holded (for the last time! What a unique moment) the U2 White Flag. Awesome. After that (crowd went nuts again) he sung the best snippet done ever into that song: Break On Thru (To The Other Side). My father's throat went of on that moment .

And of course, Spanish Eyes was the absolute highlight of the night. As the first performance of a song, it was raw and not pulished, but how great it was. The crowd loved it and sung along (although they didnt know the song! how weird!).

And ''40", the closer song. Probably best version of the song ever. Amazing. Crowd thown the few energies they had left on this song. Amazing. My father once told me that people went out of the stadium singing out loud the "Hooooowww looooong... To sing this song?", and that verses were heard for hours at some points of Madrid... So great!

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"Bandera Blanca"

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