1. Bad doesn't have the same goosebumps feeling as it did before either since it's been toned down. Unpopular opinion I know.

  2. Now that they've dropped ASOH (:N ) there's room to put in a song or two from Boy and October to start the show (and still finish with IWF). I'm sure this has been suggested already but something like:

    Out of Control (or I Will Follow)

    I know it's a "greatest hits" set (unpopular with some; fine by me) but it does indeed make a bit more sense.

    And get something from R&H in that encore!
  3. I'm going to Chicago 1 and if they play that Dallas setlist I would be disappointed. Give me ASOH and something new that they haven't played this tour. Mix it up! Fix the the encores! They have a week to go over this stuff and there is no reason that they wouldn't know by now that some songs aren't working.
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