1. Maybe they get the hint and keep playing Bliss and SS at future shows.

    Play what the fans want - we paid for it.
  2. imagine being at a show where it was Fury v Starlight and all the casuals out-vote you hahaha

    i'd be so pissed
  3. Originally posted by cyborgninja117:Stockholm Syndrome was up against The Handler.

    It looks like a good idea on paper but it was pretty uninspired. Those have been their standard rotation slots for this tour anyway. They weren't willing to suggest anything remotely out of the ordinary. Shame really.

    What gets me about their recent sets (in addition to the shockingly short length and needless filler) is the almost total lack of a piano section, aside from the ending to The Globalist. They have so many brilliant piano-based songs.
    Piano-driven songs have been slowly but steadily disappearing from their sets since 2009. I think Matt has become somewhat unconfident in his piano skills for whatever reason, or maybe just grown tired of it... It's a shame But it kind of goes along the drift of their live sets as a whole - less complex, less demanding, less challenging...
  4. "I think it's out of phase... Let's check... Uhmm yes, it's definitely out of phase". The guy has some trained ear.
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