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Student Marketing & Communication. Direction events organization
Football, music and lots more.
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turnê favorita: Joshua Tree Tour
"I don't have the experience about this great concerts. but the stories i heard about this tour sounds so amazing. With 40, that you still hear on the way home. And the long intro to Streets!"
show favorito: 2015-09-12 - Amsterdam
"My first U2 concert. it will always be a special moment in my life. The feeling during U2 concerts is indescribable. "
álbum favorito: The Joshua Tree
"I think, this is the best album ever made. No more words needed."
música favorita: Bullet The Blue Sky
"This is difficult, it will always change at different times in my life. At the time I wrote this I chose Bullet. When I hear this song, Edge guitar playing going through my soul. "

sobre Desert_rose
Blessed that U2 is still on the road. My English is bad. I'm working on it, sorry guys!
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