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2015-09-13 - Amsterdam
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"My 5th U2 show. This was definitely my.."
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The Joshua Tree
DutchU2Fan ouviu 11 songs desse The Joshua Tree álbum ao vivo.
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turnê favorita: U2 360° Tour
"Greatest tour ever! The first tour I really followed as a fan, I visited 2 shows (Amsterdam). But many other shows have a special meaning to me. "
show favorito: 2000-12-05 - New York
"Amazing show. A lot of energy in a small venue."
álbum favorito: All That You Can't Leave Behind
"I heard this album first when I was 2 years old, it changed my whole life..."
música favorita: Bad
"No words needed."

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"Life is short but it's the longest thing you'll ever do, the worst, the curse, was when that dream came true ; God is a mirror in which each man sees himself, Hell is a place where you don't need any help, When I first met you your face was like snow Wherever I went, you, you wanted to go ; Your face, your grace, your lipstick case A-17 you put it down on the ground, Don't put your faith in a clown"
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