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1992-06-11 - Stockholm
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"U2 was in great mood, as they were oft.."
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turnê favorita: ZOO TV
"Although I've never witnessed this tour I love everything about it. The characters, the extravaganza, the band, the album. What a historic tour."
show favorito: 1992-05-22 - Milan
"Every song during this show was nailed to perfection. Bono's voice was at his absolute top. The crowd carried the show. Just pure perfection."
álbum favorito: Achtung Baby
"It wasn't my first favourite U2 album, but after a few years it secured that spot and it never moved. A true masterpiece."
música favorita: Bad
"This is when God walks in the room, if I have to quote Bono. The intro gives me chills every time. Any show is considered perfect if Bad shows up."

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I'm Remy, born and raised in The Netherlands. I was born in The Hague and my family moved to the far east of Holland when I was 3, moving back to the The Hague area some 20 years later. When I was 14 I started building websites, at 20 I started building U2start, my second family. Personal website:
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