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United States
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8 anos atrás
43 shows ao longo de 5 turnês
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1981-05-15 - San Francisco
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"In my top 5 shows that I own. And I ow.."
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Achtung Baby
Spacejunk ouviu 10 songs ao vivo do álbum Achtung Baby.
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turnê favorita: Boy Tour
"Where it all began. Pure energy, power and youthful exuberance."
show favorito: 1992-05-07 - Paris
"Saw nothing like it before. Seen nothing like it since. The greatest 2 hours of my life. An outstanding experience."
álbum favorito: Achtung Baby
"There is not one weak song on this career changing masterpiece."
música favorita: Acrobat
"The best song (just) on the greatest album ever written."

sobre Spacejunk
Born and raised in Liverpool, UK, now live in Ketchikan, Alaska, USA. Been a U2 fan since 1983 (after seeing the cover of the War album). Attended 44 U2 concerts and I have over 300 bootleg audio shows and over 30 bootleg DVD's in my collection. My favorite U2 album is Achtung Baby or Pop, my favorite U2 song is Acrobat. Best tour - Zoo TV (indoors).
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