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turnê favorita: ZOO TV
"This could be the tour that influenced almost all concerts of todays modern music. The screens, the acts, the people, and the music is all just amazing. What more could one say about it. "
show favorito: 2017-06-16 - Louisville
"Got to the stadium at 6 am, got a wristband and waited a very long time in the hot Kentucky sun. 2nd GA experience and I got to the rail which was just amazing. The whole show was incredible and being so close to them was jaw dropping. Bono and I had a moment during Elevation which was the biggest cherry on top of a beautiful night."
álbum favorito: Achtung Baby
"Nothing to say here."

sobre guykirk9
First heard of U2 from my dad (huge fan since Boy) but it was when Vertigo came out when I was a little kid. I remember just loving the song as a child, and then it was Beautiful Day and so on and so forth. Lover of U2; including you, too.
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