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U2, guitar!
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11 anos atrás
15 shows ao longo de 3 turnês
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turnê favorita: Innocence and Experience tour
"I couldn't see ZOO TV .. else it would be the favorite. I think IETour that was a great show. A sort of musical, with great emotional history. And I'm played with their on that stage!"
show favorito: 2015-10-05 - Barcelona
"I was with my girlfriend, in first line, Edge side. I watched the 4 powerful guys to play front me. Edge watched me. Fantastic."
álbum favorito: Achtung Baby
"I remember the period when i discovered U2 discography. I listened all albums and chose the best songs. When I listened Achtung Baby I thought it was a greatest hits."
música favorita: Where The Streets Have No Name
""Quando suoniamo quella canzone è come se dio entrasse nella stanza" cit Bono. The reason for everything. The reason of my U2 passion. The reason of km, money, time and space spent for their. "

sobre ivanm85
I'm a guitar player! I play in a original band called Revangel ( and in a U2 tribute band ( I played "Angel oh Harlem" with U2 and my brother on stage in London on 26 October 2015! AMAZING!!!
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