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turnê favorita: Elevation Tour
"Arenas. Brought it back down to basics. Came out on stage with the house lights up to Arcade Fire's Wake Up."
show favorito: 2001-04-20 - San Jose
"Played Kite for the first time ever in front of an audience. Played Stay for the first time on North American soil. All in all the most perfect show of the 34 I've attended."
álbum favorito: Achtung Baby
"How can it not be? It's their greatest risk and their greatest work."
música favorita: One
"Best... Song... Ever... It doesn't have a hook OR a chorus!"

sobre lefbab
U2 fan since age 11. Saw my first show at age 14 (3/2/85 - Unforgettable Fire Tour). Have attended 35 shows so far (as well as seeing Bono and Edge at President Clinton's 65th birthday benefit concert) including two in Australia, two in Las Vegas and one in Honolulu. Most recent show (5/19/15) was the best on the Innocence Tour so far, and MANY others have been spectacular. Looking forward to more shows this tour. The dream is to see them in South America.
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