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8 anos atrás
30 shows ao longo de 8 turnês
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turnê favorita: ZOO TV
"So innovative, so mind blowing !! U2 at their very best"
show favorito: 2015-07-19 - New York
"Maybe not their best show, but watching U2 play in Madison Suare Garden was a fulfilment of a lifelong dream. Me and my brother added one week visiting New York City. "Feel the heart beat, heart beat of Manhattan, Madison Square Garden, where else would you wanna be !""
álbum favorito: Achtung Baby
"Close call with Joshua Tree, but I would choose Achtung Baby"
música favorita: The Fly
"This song represents U2 so very well: the pace of the song, the screaming guitar, the pounding bass, ... Bono in his black suit and Fly goggles."

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