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United Kingdom
Lifelong NHS nurse
Music, gig-goer, audiophile, collecting music, collecting live recordings, reading (history, fantasy)
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1997-08-28 - Leeds
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"It was raining heavily when we arrived.."
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The Joshua Tree
pablothewizard ouviu 11 songs ao vivo do álbum The Joshua Tree.
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turnê favorita: ZOO TV
"I've enjoyed every tour and they have all been amazing but with Zoo TV it was literally jaw-dropping and literally sensory overload - and a complete transformation from what had gone before. Genius!"
show favorito: 2009-08-15 - London
"In the Red Zone. Fantastic set list. Incredible performance and atmosphere. Not to mention meeting Bono on his way into the stadium. It doesn't get better!"
álbum favorito: War
"I was already aware of U2 and liked them but after War dropped it all changed - TJT and AB are arguably as good but it was 1983 when I fell in love!"
música favorita: Bad
"Live it's the U2 song that above all others takes me somewhere utterly unique and wonderful. Others come close but that's the one. Acrobat is my favourite recorded U2 track, closely followed by One and Mercy...."

sobre pablothewizard
I'm a forty-something NHS nurse born and bred in Mansfield (thats Robin Hood country). Music is incredibly important to me and I've been listening to every conceivable kind for as long I can remember. I've been heavily into U2 since the War album in '83 and love seeing them live. My other favourite bands are Radiohead and The Flaming Lips, although I like a lot of other artists too and have a massive music collection! As well as listening to and buying music I also collect live recordings and bootlegs (obsessively) and see myself as a bit of an audiophile. When not working I enjoy walking, good food and reading.