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United States
Sparks, Nevada
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5 anos atrás
13 shows ao longo de 6 turnês
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2015-05-14 - Vancouver
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"Great recording! Amazing sound. Clea.."
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u2fan1977 ouviu 11 songs ao vivo do álbum Pop.
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turnê favorita: Elevation Tour
"It was the first tour that I saw three shows!"
show favorito: 2005-11-04 - Las Vegas
"This was my first show where we were in the front row, so it holds a special place in my heart!"
álbum favorito: Achtung Baby
"Right when I was forming my musical tastes, this album came out and I fell in love. IN LOVE."
música favorita: One
"I know it is expected, but this is the song that has special meaning for me. It was one of the first songs that I felt a connection to."

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