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Logistical engineer
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9 anos atrás
7 shows ao longo de 3 turnês
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turnê favorita: Innocence and Experience tour
"This tour was a tour where the band could reconnect with their fans and audience. The smaller venues were really applicable for this situation and I even got the chance to hear THBAO and Magnificent. "
show favorito: 2015-09-13 - Amsterdam
"Band was really on fire this last evening in Amsterdam. They played Magnificent, Sweetest Thing, Bad and 40 which was glamorous. Besides this show I also met a lot of people from the forums. "
álbum favorito: Achtung Baby
"Just everything. I love the way they transferred from Joshua Tree to AB. Still love all the live versions as well. "
música favorita: Bad
"I was fortunate to hear this song 2 times in 3 concerts, this song has it all!"

sobre wowow
U2 is my biggest passion in life. Further on, I'm working in logistics for one of the better known Japanese companies. Like to play games on my PS4 and like to make movies and edit them of my holidays. That's my last thing, I'm addicted to traveling.
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